ANDUVE provides you strategic business consultancy,

ISO 30414 training, and Hogan Assessments based services 


Based on profound HR and Senior Leadership experience achieved at companies in Scandinavian, Asian, and Arabic settings, ANDUVE offers strategic partnering, training and coaching to support your business strategy to reach your KPIs and long-term vision.

We work actively for UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


ANDUVE offers you strategic self-insight to impact your effectiveness, awareness, team engagement, and improve business results.

For this we use Hogan assessments; trusted by 75% of the Fortune 500.

Further we offer ISO 30414:2018 HR Management certification readyness.  

Online Executive Coaching and ISO HR Training

 ISO 30414:2018 HR Management 

ANDUVE offers training in ISO 30414:2018.

 We guide you to optimizing your data reports, talent aquisition and development.

We ensure your certifcation readyness.

Business coaching and Career planning

ANDUVE offers a confidential room for self reflection, regaining strategic focus, and finding the better solutions. Our programs are supported by Hogan assessments.

Strategic HR services and eLearning

In a fast-pased environment we offer sparring on your HR strategy and processes, as well as optimization of your talent aquisition, development, and performance management.