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Reg. Hogan based Risk Awareness and Resilience training:

PREMA Consulting chose ANDUVE to conduct the Risk Avoidance and Resilience program. Dubai based PREMA Consulting offers CFO services and Tax consulting to businesses; offering them Boardroom perspective and cross-functional view across - finance, commercial and strategy functions. It is a profound prerequisites, that risk avoidance as well as customer service is at highest level. ”The Risk Avoidance & Resilience Course was very  insightful and informative. The sessions created awareness about the necessity to understand the risks that may exist within organizations. We found Hogan to be an inspiring tool with a structured approach to the subjective topic, certainly supporting our ongoing  work in this respect to serve our local as well as international clients.”

Director Jayashree Girisan, March 2021

Reg. Hogan based Working from Home online course:

"I highly recommend the Working from Home Course to everyone these days - we all need to be mindful about how we are approaching our work in these changed circumstances. This course helps you reflect on the conditions, opportunities and drawbacks of working from home from multiple angles, where under helpful guidance you can have valuable conversations with other professionals. Working from home presents different challenges than what we are used to in our working life, with this course you can take a step toward nurturing your productivity as well as mental health while getting to know yourself through your Hogan profile."

Eszter Csala, Branding Specialist, November 2020

"Participating in the “working from home” course and the Hogan profile assessment, was helpful in a way that made me realize how I can improve my communication when working with others, also how I can boost my motivation and the workflow. However, the Hogan profile assessment was a good way to reflect on my work performance based on my strengths, weaknesses, and work style. As well, having a personal meeting and having a verbal explanation about my Hogan assessment results was a great success in understanding how it is linked together."

Mai Teta, UX Designer and Researcher, November 2020

Reg. Hogan based Safety awareness training:

“It was a big eye opener, having insight in my own safety profile.

Overall the training I believe is important for all people who have jobs where safety / lack of it can cost hugely and hence for people to know their own safety personality and their roles and responsibilities related to safety, plus showing the light on ways of behaving and dealing with such situations is important.

It also shows them the importance of taking ownership and driving the safety culture where needed.”

Jyothi Iyer, Senior HR Professional, August 2020

Attending the Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition Dubai 2019 at The Ministry of Community Development

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