Hogan Assessments

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Hogan assessments - trusted by 75 pct of the Fortune 500

Without the use of a personality assessment the risk is only being able to see the current observable behaviour; without insight in long-term behaviour, or understanding what drives the behaviour. Hogan assessments bring; understanding of underlying values, strenghts, and derailers, and at the same time understanding of how the individual is perceived in the organization.

Hogan personality assessments are based on behavioral science; for recruiting and development - cultural fit and personality/reputation check. Hogan is a global market leader in personality test tools; predicting job performance and cultural fit. 

Hogan assessments are strong, professional tools, that bring profound self insights in regards to organizational reputation. This knowledge is first step towards development, accompanied coaching Hogan ensures results through increased strategic self-awareness and concrete behavioral change.

Hogan 360° 

Hogan 360° is a comprehensive multi-rater leadership feedback tool designed to help career-minded individuals and leaders at any level of an organization gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct reports, and others. 

Hogan 360° meassures on the axis behavioral/business competences and management/ leadership competences. 

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