Online courses and training

OUR ONLINE TRAINING - We do also bespoke training


Future of Work I: Working from Home

This course addresses a new way of working and will set you and your team up for success through increased self-awareness gained from your Hogan profile. 

  • Continued productivity and motivation
  • Online meeting etiquette and online collaboration
  • Improved remote conflict resolution skills
  • Selfcare and mental wellbein.

Safety Awareness

This online course includes individual Hogan Safety assessments to shed light upon each delegate’s predispositions to stay safe.

The objectives of the course is to enhance daily self and team safety, and for advancing safety culture.

The course delivers;

  • Awareness of safety profiles
  • Encouragement to dialogue
  • Promotion of “no blame” culture
  • Understanding of shared responsibility for safety
  • Toolbox for safety dialogues.

Online LIVE training

Career Program

Based on your individual Hogan profile, you will gain insight into your best fit in regard to occupation and organizational cultures. You will work with your CV, applications and presentation to showcase your talent with confidence.  This program can be amnedend together with your HR team.

Seize the Now

This workshop will guide you how to practice and support kind presence for responding rather than reacting; making room for being more curious and embrace change with a healty, friendly, and agile focus. Mindful techniques are included especially in this workshop.

From Whinging to Winning – Change your Team Culture

The focal point of this workshop is well-being and engagement in the workplace; understanding how the way we work together influences the results we get.

With references from the world of sports, where famous athletes have shown true "Winner attitude" over "Loser attitude", we describe the human mechanisms that cause us to whinge in some environments, while in others we are driven by desire and positive energy to achieve.

Practical examples and recommendations for both management and employees included - A workshop not to be missed in this turmoil!

Leader’s Mental Training – Pivot to winning in the Turmoil

In this program, we provide CEO’s and decisions-makers with an in-depth description of their decision-making approach, learning style, and risk/reward bias, based on their Hogan Judgement profile.

Do you think tactically or strategically, how do you learn from mistakes? How can you improve decision making under pressure? How can you enhance collaboration?

In other words; How do you focus on winning? This mental training program is led by Carsten Brandt, World Cup champion in rifle shooting, and senior mental trainer.

Team building

We offer online and face-to-face team development acitivites. We are happy to incorporate accomodation and team acitivities such as guided team golf competitions f.ex. at an academy course near you.