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ISO 30414:2018 HR Management

ANDUVE offers training in ISO 30414:2018.

We guide you to optimizing your data reports, talent aquisition and development.

We support and train our clients the international ISO HR standard for certification readiness:

ISO 30414:2018 Human Resource Management - Internal and External Human Capital Reporting.

This advanced training offers an exclusive gap analysis and a roadmap to human capital reporting andmanaging talent risk for you toensure your company a leading edge for recruiting and retaining talents.

At this moment associated senior consultant Juan Paolo Arao offers ISO HC Standards on pro-bono basis as part of ISO campaign awareness to various industry sectors.

Business coaching and Career planning

ANDUVE offers you a confidential room for reflextion and for finding the better solutions.

For senior leaders to receive sparring on stragety or leadership. And for management and experts to develop and ensure professionel career planning.

We offer cooperate coaching to ensure your organization will maximize its full poteltial.

Executive coaching programs are supported by personal assessments; Hogan Inventory Assessments orHogan 360°.

For business coaching programs and mental training, kindly see our brochure.

Strategic HR consultancy and eLearning

Based on profound HR leadership experience from international companies, we offer HR strategic partnering supporting your business strategy to reach your KPIs, whether centered around efficiency, or growth. In a fast-pased environment with digital challenges, and sharp competitors, we offer sparring on your HR strategy and processes, as well as optimization of your talent management and performance management; Ensuring you a strenghtened HR team and competent and engaged employees to reach your goals. 

We are users of Hogan Assessments System, and know how to optimize talent aquisition and development. 

Further, we have a varity of eLearning programs.

Examples of team training programs:

See our online training or contact us for more information.